Rickmers Linie - India/MidEast-Europe

India / Middle East - Europe

Returning from the Indian Subcontinent to Europe, vessels of Rickmers-Linie call at a varying range of east coast and west coast ports of India and at ports in the Middle East.

This service has been considerably expanded in 2011 with modern and reliable charter tonnage from Reederei Heino Winter (MV RICKMERS CHITTAGONG, MV RICKMERS MUMBAI, RICKMERS DUBAI and RICKMERS CHENNAI).

With MV RICKMERS DUBAI and MV RICKMERS CHENNAI, the lifting capacity in this service has been increased to up to 800 tons.

Main Service Characteristics:

Frequency                 every three weeks

Lifting capacity        up to 800 tons on RICKMERS DUBAI and RICKMERS CHENNAI
                                     up to 240 tons on RICKMERS CHITTAGONG and RICKMERS MUMBAI

Get in touch with us to obtain information on current sailings and space availability.

Map not legally binding. Other ports enroute can be called on inducement.